Saint Ends (Christmas)(Mid Size)

Erase. Rewind. Restart.

Saint Ends isn’t a fad band standing on the heels of established trends, be it from the mainstream or indie realm. But rather a collective of influences meshed together with personal taste, style and desire.

In 2011, former Janet Theory members Jesse Verleye, Chuck Young, Shawn Beaulieu and Dave Richie began jamming Band Of Horses covers along with friend Kyle Jubenville, under the name Infinite Arms. But after playing a few shows around southwestern Ontario and writing its first original songs, the group eventually fell apart.

Jesse continued to write over the course of the following year, focusing on honing his songwriting skills and providing depth, emotion and energy in the words he was putting to paper. By the end of 2012, he was further perfecting the new material joined again by Shawn, Kyle, Chuck and original bassist Keegan Panjer, under the name Saint Ends. Following Keegan’s departure in late 2013, Dave rejoined his former bandmates. Chuck has also since departed, with Joe Carson replacing him in 2015.

If love was like a record, would you play me again?

Over the years, the members of Saint Ends have played in a variety of southwestern Ontario bands, most notably Foster Child, Janet Theory and Dead Girls Union.

Taking from all those experiences and musical styles, Saint Ends has an obvious maturity in its songs and a firm grasp on dynamics, often running the gamut of delicate and introspective to abrasive and accusing in a four-minute package.

Is it your cold shoulders or the chip on mine?

With songs like Hard Feelings, Change, Mexico and If Love, the lyrics are honest and reflective, exploring all the angles of life’s ups and downs, while providing chorus hooks that can’t (and shouldn’t) be denied.

Saint Ends is:

Jesse-Dylan Verleye
Kyle Jubenville
Shawn Beaulieu
Dave Richie
Joe Carson

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